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Summer Workshops

  • Each student’s tuition for this weeklong workshop is $230.00 per workshop.
  • Two workshops (for all day camp only) is $410.00. This includes materials.
  • The workshops run three hours long with a break of 15 minutes.
  • Students need to bring their own snack and drink for the break.
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Distance Learning

Click here to purchase Pre-Recorded Videos for 10.00 each.

Find the skill level that is right for your student:
Beginner Student - Start with a video in an age group below students age. Then progress from there into older age groups.
Intermediate Student - Start with a video in students age group. Once video is easy to create from progress into an age group older then students age.

For age 7-11:
  1. Practice measurement/what to expect while following a Video - free for absolute beginner student age 7-11
  2. Shoes - Oil Pastel Age 7-9
  3. Melting Clock, Salvador Dali - Colored Pencil Age 7-9
  4. Calla Lilies, colored pencil 7-9
  5. Outer Space, Watercolor. Age 7-9
  6. Drawing From Observation, Age 7-9
  7. Paul Klee, Art and Music, Age 7-11
  8. Drawing the portrait Age 7-9 colored pencil
  9. Leonardo Da Vinci, Invent an Instrument. Ages 7-10 Colored Pencil
  10. Cup and Shell Sketch Age 7-9, Graphite #2 Pencil
For age 9-12:
  1. Sketchbook time: Design Letters with your Name. Age 9-11
  2. Gumball Machine Age 9-11 Colored Pencil
  3. Ice Cream, Wayne Thiebaud 9-10
  4. Betta Fish Age 9-11 colored pencil
  5. Build a Garden age 9-11
  6. Owl Colored Pencil 9-11
  7. Artist Chuck Close, Portrait With Colorful Squares Age 9-12 Colored Pencil.
For age 11-Teen:
  1. Hummingbird Sketch - Graphite Pencil Age 12-Teen and Adult
  2. Gumball Machine Age 12 -Teen, Graphite pencil and colored pencil
  3. Cockatiel Bird - Colored Pencil Age 12 - Teen and Adult
  4. Rose Drawing Part 1 12-Teen
  5. Rose Drawing Part 2 12-Teen
  6. Tiger Drawing Face and Measurement part 1 - Graphite pencil 12-Teen and Adult
  7. Tiger Drawing Face and Fur part 2 - Graphite pencil 12-Teen and Adult
  8. Spoon Sketch in Pen Age 11-13, Pen

40 minute live art classes on zoom.us.

If you are new to the classes click the class below that you want to join, pay through PayPal and you will receive a code a password for the week.

There are no refunds. Credit will be given towards future classes.

New Schedule for week 8/4 - 8/7. live on zoom.us

Classes for beginner - intermediate age 6 - Teen. Advanced students can take older age group classes. Advanced Teen is listed next to class.

Tuesday - 8/4/2020

Thursday - 8/6/2020

Supplies for sketching:

Supplies in Pastel:

Suggested Drawing paper:

Supplies in watercolor:

Supplies in painting:

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