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Summer Workshops

  • Each student’s tuition for this weeklong workshop is $230.00 per workshop.
  • Two workshops (for all day camp only) is $410.00. This includes materials.
  • The workshops run three hours long with a break of 15 minutes.
  • Students need to bring their own snack and drink for the break.
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Distance Learning

Click here to purchase Pre-Recorded Videos for 10.00 each.

Find the skill level that is right for your student:
Beginner Student - Start with a video in an age group below students age. Then progress from there into older age groups.
Intermediate Student - Start with a video in students age group. Once video is easy to create from progress into an age group older then students age.

For age 7-11:
  1. Practice measurement/what to expect while following a Video - free for absolute beginner student age 7-11
  2. Shoes - Oil Pastel Age 7-9
  3. Melting Clock, Salvador Dali - Colored Pencil Age 7-9
  4. Calla Lilies, colored pencil 7-9
  5. Outer Space, Watercolor. Age 7-9
  6. Drawing From Observation, Age 7-9
  7. Paul Klee, Art and Music, Age 7-11
  8. Drawing the portrait Age 7-9 colored pencil
  9. Leonardo Da Vinci, Invent an Instrument. Ages 7-10 Colored Pencil
  10. Cup and Shell Sketch Age 7-9, Graphite #2 Pencil
For age 9-12:
  1. Sketchbook time: Design Letters with your Name. Age 9-11
  2. Gumball Machine Age 9-11 Colored Pencil
  3. Ice Cream, Wayne Thiebaud 9-10
  4. Betta Fish Age 9-11 colored pencil
  5. Build a Garden age 9-11
  6. Owl Colored Pencil 9-11
  7. Artist Chuck Close, Portrait With Colorful Squares Age 9-12 Colored Pencil.
For age 11-Teen:
  1. Hummingbird Sketch - Graphite Pencil Age 12-Teen and Adult
  2. Gumball Machine Age 12 -Teen, Graphite pencil and colored pencil
  3. Cockatiel Bird - Colored Pencil Age 12 - Teen and Adult
  4. Rose Drawing Part 1 12-Teen
  5. Rose Drawing Part 2 12-Teen
  6. Tiger Drawing Face and Measurement part 1 - Graphite pencil 12-Teen and Adult
  7. Tiger Drawing Face and Fur part 2 - Graphite pencil 12-Teen and Adult
  8. Spoon Sketch in Pen Age 11-13, Pen

Virtual Group Lessons

Have a group that wants to do a class virtually? Follow these simple steps to sign up.

Step one :

Schedule a time with the instructor before paying

Step two :

Add class to cart and select how many students
(40 minute Lesson, $25 per student.)

Step three :


Supplies for sketching:

Supplies in Pastel:

Suggested Drawing paper:

Supplies in watercolor:

Supplies in painting:

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